What I Do

I use copy to help online biz owners achieve real revenue breakthroughs to scale smarter while working less.

What I Do

I use copy to help online biz owners achieve real revenue breakthroughs to scale smarter while working less.

☝️That headline? It’s pretty clear, right?

The promise is straightforward.

Get your copy squared away so you can make room for what matters (and make that good cheddar).

See this is 👏  exactly👏  what 👏  I’m 👏 talking 👏 about.

If your prospective customer doesn’t get it—if you’re not speaking their language—they won’t buy from you…

This is true even if you’re the best, and let’s face it….

You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t a stone. cold. boss.

Here’s where I come in…

I create strategy and copy for funnels, sales pages, emails and content that tell your story and sell your story with empathy & inclusive messaging.

So you can focus on the work that’s meaningful to you, not the marketing.

How It Works

Imagine what it would be like if you knew exactly what to say and when to say it in your messaging.

You’d have an advantage in the marketplace because you’d be coming from a place of true understanding, not just parroting what other people are saying in their messaging.

But getting to that point isn’t easy. It requires a special ability to listen.

Hi! I’m Daniel Lamb 👋

And my professional career is built on listening.

From researching and interviewing my client’s customers to listening to the stories my regulars loved to tell back in my bartending days all the way back to the ear training classes in music school.

Turns out, deep listening is a skill.

Listening allows us to make emotional connections. And those emotional connections are crucial to understanding people—like actual human beings.

Understanding the emotional makeup of other people requires we gain a deep understanding of our own psychological makeup.

To that end, here’s a bit more about me!

Myers Briggs, INFJ: Intuitive. Empathetic. Deep.
Enneagram: 3w4: Self-Aware.High Achieving. Expert.
Kolbe: 7634: Endlessly Curious. Research-Oriented.
Human Design: Manifesting Generator: Energetic. Multi-Passionate. Influential.

Every copywriter and conversion optimizer worth their salt has a process. And it (really should) start with research. Research is the backbone of conversion science. Because without understanding why people buy, what they believe, what they want, what scares them and what makes them take action: you’re just guessing.

Maybe you’ve seen me around?

So my process?

It’s called the Perfect Prospect® framework.

We start with listening.

I start with listening.

I listen to your customers talk during 1:1 interviews, we listen to the market through our sentiment analysis and research, and, obviously, I listen to you.

Because I need to hear it. Your unique, irresistible melody that you’ll play to attract your Perfect Prospect.

We relate emotionally.

I relate emotionally.

The stories, the accolades, the grievances, the hopes and the dreams are grounded in one place—emotion.

I tap into empathy as my guide when it comes to developing personalized messaging for your brand. Empathy helps me sell your story from a place of connection.

We test, learn and iterate.

I test, learn and iterate.

A life well-lived and a great marketing campaign are alike in that it helps to fail fast, learn and course-correct on-the-go. There is no such thing as a perfect funnel. Even the best converting sales pages can be beaten. And underperforming campaigns hold the potential to be future champs.
Your Perfect Prospects are waiting!

When it comes to performance marketing campaigns, I go the extra mile and put skin in the game — I spend some of my own ad dollars during the learning phase of your campaigns so that I can assure you that I’m dedicated to discovering what works and improving from there.

I learned this through working with a UX-driven conversion optimization team at my first agency. We practiced an always-on testing methodology with our landing pages. Naturally, we saw losses and we saw big wins.

From generating an extra $19,238 in revenue during a launch through copy testing to increasing conversion rates by 59.62% for a client’s customer acquisition funnel…

…the best work has always been grounded in an effort to meet the customer in their moment of need from a place of empathy.

Now, I’m no high-level authority in human psychology — my degree is in English Rhetoric. I’ve invested my expertise in language. Additionally, I invest in my growth and development.

Experts I’ve learned from:

Joanna Wiebe
Stefan Georgi & Justin Goff
Amy Posner
Rob Marsh
Kira Hug
Ed Gandia
Linda Perry
Mai-kee Tsang
Craig Ballantyne
Joe Marcoux
Chris Williams
Dan LeFave

Daniel Lamb, Holland Creative

Who am I?

I’m a former dishwashing college drop out.

In fact, I’ve had over twelve different jobs spanning
over the past two decades.
Mar 30
I’ve also worked in a doctor’s office.

I’ve also worked in a doctor’s office.

(It was kinda awkward being a teenage boy working for an OBGYN)

Mar 30
And delivered pizzas… and waited tables.

And delivered pizzas… and waited tables.

(You never know what’s behind a closed door, but spoiler alert: it’s usually TMI. Pro Tip: Remember to wear your clothes and always tip in cash, not in bong hits.)

Mar 30
I’ve been a bartender.

I’ve been a bartender.

(Read: professional listener, part-time amateur therapist, occasional bouncer & advertiser in training)

Mar 30
And a music teacher.

And a music teacher.

(Tone is everything)

Mar 30
I’ve managed a restaurant.

I’ve managed a restaurant.

(Leading a team of people and hitting daily sales numbers ain’t easy)

Mar 30
And an agency copywriter.

And I’ve been an agency copywriter.

(Dozens of clients with 100’s of different voices and impossible deadlines = pure schizophrenia marketing magic 🤯)

Holland Road

All those jobs?

They’re only half the story.

Because my story started out on a nowhere dirt road in a nowhere town in the middle of nowhere Georgia.

And that dirt road was called Holland Road.

Daniel Lamb, Holland Creative

My childhood there was worlds away from the world of online marketing.

That profoundly difficult time was marked by trauma, abuse, grief, loss, and listless wandering — all aspects that have shaped me into who I am as a survivor, a healed person and a man.

And in the midst of that pain, something beautiful was born…

What I call my empathetic superpower.

Without it, I wouldn’t be able to truly hear as I do.

Empathy is essential for connecting emotionally with your audience as a thought leader and a storyteller. And your offers have to resonate first on the emotional level before someone is ready to take action.

So I’m grateful for my scars, both figuratively and literally.

Daniel Lamb, Holland Creative

Words are power transformed into something tangible, something we can share with the world.

When we share our power, we create a better world around us.

And Holland Creative is the embodiment of all that possibility.

I can’t wait to hear what you’re planning in your business.

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