An exclusive copywriting & strategy service, done for you in as few as 2 days…

👉 Research-backed, strategic copy that nails your unique voice with spooky accuracy and instantly hits home with your audience, communicates your unique value and sells like crazy — so you can do your thing 😉

“If You’re In a Pinch & Need Good Copy, Reach Out to Daniel Lamb — Each Time I’ve Used Him, I’ve Been BLOWN AWAY By the Results

– Matt Hall, Founder, Common People

Here’s a FAST-FORWARD preview of where you’re headed:

You’ve skipped over copy mess straight to copy success and…


Readers are getting to know, like and trust you because your emails are telling your story and selling your story on autopilot 😎


People are finding you all the time because your SEO isn’t f∪₵₭3d 🤯


You’re feeling better than ever now that your 30-page to-do list isn’t keeping you awake at 3:00am 😳

What if you took just one simple step to make this dream a reality?

“I love referring customers to you because you’re doing great work!”

– Craig Ballantyne, 7+-Figure Coach/Owner, Double Your Profits Coaching

Chances are, one of these super fun roadblocks is standing between you and the fully-unlocked version of success mode…

Ain’t nobody got time… You’re BUSY AF and there’s no end in sight…


Not trying to get fleeced… You, like so many people, have been burned or turned off by marketers who overpromise and underdeliver…


Literally can’t even… Offers. Emails. Social Media. You’re stuck in your head, overwhelmed, and it feels like you’re at the bottom of a well.

Here’s a lifeline. Let me pull you up.

Daniel Lamb, Holland Creative

Greetings & Blessings, Friend.

I’m Daniel!

Conversion copywriter & SEO consultant, guitar enthusiast, pizza addict and proud(ish) dog dad.

Maybe you’ve seen me around?

These are a few of the things that come easy… playing music, thinking of weird ideas that make your copy go 💥POP💥, smashing a whole pizza without regret….

ICYMI: I take copywriting pretty seriously. And I’ve invested in my skills to learn from the best:

But some things don’t come naturally to me…

Like sports or being a social butterfly or speaking clearly with my face-words in public…

For things like these, I understandably need a little help from the pros.

Speaking of which, we need to talk about your flair copy…

I’m not gonna say you need 37 pieces of flair or an insane 37 step funnel — I’m here to help you get strategic and laser-focused so your copy makes the maximum possible impact for your business.

Welcome to my wheelhouse.

BTW, did you know that “wheelhouse” is legit a pirate-adjacent term?

It’s the place on a ship, a house if you will, where the wheel and navigation controls are located. The wheel. house.

Speaking of water themes, I’m really glad you grabbed the rope and you’re out of that well. Lassie was barking about it, so I instantly knew someone had to be at the bottom of the well 😂

Look, I’ll level with you — at the end of the day, I just wanna be the b-boy skeleton to your David S. Pumpkins wearing a dope Halloween suit.

Sound good? Good!

Now, we really need to talk about…

PerfectProspect® Intensives

from $2997

An exclusive copywriting & strategy service, done for you in as few as 2 days…
A PerfectProspect® Intensive focuses on three fundamental pillars to create stellar conversion copy:

  1. Your Voice
  2. Your Audience
  3. Your Unique Value

Your new copy is designed to save you tons of time/headaches/heartbreaks, tell & sell your story in your voice and cultivate the all-important know, like & trust factors you need to grow your business confidently.

The PerfectProspect® Process

Step 1: Onboarding

Before the official VIP intensive kicks off, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee (seriously, I’ll DoorDash your favorite drink so you can stay hydrated while we work together)so you can percolate on what will make this project a grand slam. And I’ve got questions for you as well. This is where we get specific about what you need copywise and what you need that copy to accomplish in your business.

This will probably take you less time than binging an episode of your favorite show. So make arrangements to invest just a little bit of your time answering the onboarding questionnaire and gathering the resources I’ll need to make this a home run for you!


Step 2: Research

Once I’ve got all your info, I’ll do some research as well to make sure that I’m set up for success during your VIP intensive.


Step 3: Kickoff

We’ll jump in the hot seat together via Zoom to start things off so we’re both on the same (sales) page 😉. We’ll review your onboarding questionnaire, the research and get crystal-clear about exactly how I’ll approach your copy in this VIP Intensive.


Step 4: VIP Intensive

This is the part where the magic happens. We’ve laid the groundwork and now here’s me… doing my thing. You grab some popcorn and throw on your favorite HBO show. I’ll do the rest.

I schedule 2 days to complete the project so that, at the end of our time together, you’ll get your deliverable hot off the presses and ready for your googly-coyote eyes 👀


Step 5: Special Delivery!

You’ll receive a jumbo-sized Google Doc full of goodies (and your new amazing copy) along with a detailed video breakdown of all the brainy bits behind what’s in front of you.


Step 6: Edits

I offer one round of edits with each VIP intensive. Turnaround time is generally 1-2 business days depending on what’s asked.


Step 7: Support

You’ll have access to me via email or Voxer for two weeks following your VIP intensive – so if you have any questions, I’ll be ready!

“Thank you for all your help this past year! You’ve done a great job for us 💪”

– Jeff Later, CEO, L8R Lifestyle

What You’re Getting from the PerfectProspect® Intensive

No two projects are alike, but to give you a better idea of what’s possible in the context of an intensive, here are a couple of examples for you:

A single intensive could look like:


Building a robust email automation sequence to increase your profits


Knocking out a killer sales page for your next big thing


Supercharging core website pages so your message hits home


Nailing a focused SEO or CRO audit so you can get laser-focused

“I thought I could do these things myself, but I soon realized you take it and make it 1000X better. My life and business has changed dramatically because my clients and prospects are getting the right message.”

– Dan LeFave, Owner at LeFave Coaching

The PerfectProspect® Guarantee

Short of promising you Wonka’s goose that lays the golden egg, the location of Jimmy Hoffa and the secret recipe for Bush’s Baked Beans (roll that beautiful bean footage), here’s what I can guarantee you:

  • You’re getting my undivided focus on your copy. I’m not balancing 37 spinning plates. I’m all-in on you and your new rad AF copy.
  • You’re getting my experience and expertise. I’ve worked with businesses from startups to billion dollar monoliths and my approach is the same: dialing in the strategic moves so that your copy is set up for success. Speaking of which, that looks different for every company. I’ve done projects that generated tens of thousands in ROI to millions. But that success depends on a lot of factors.
  • When it comes to quality, you can send a thank you note to my ADHD brain. When I send you the finished product, there will be no stone left unturned and you’ll probably have about 200 new ideas to consider in addition to your fresh new copy!
  • I’m not gonna leave you hanging. In fact, I want to know as much as possible about the performance of your offer or optimization. While I don’t offer a money back guarantee, I am happy to review results with you in a post-mortem and discuss ways to improve moving forward.

Solid Questions from Super Brainy Biz Owners Like You

Is this the same thing as a “buy-my-day offer”?

Not quite! There’s a huge reason that I stagger the hours across two days or more.
I’ve always wondered how writers account for the time they spend thinking about their clients’ projects. And in some cases, one day isn’t enough time to fully marinate on everything to create the best copy. So I make it a point to sleep on it and see what comes up. It’s not about hours. It’s about outcomes.

Will the copy work?

The work I do in the PerfectProspect® Intensives is based on the info you provide, the information lurking in my brain from 10 years of writing experience and the research portion of the project. As in any marketing endeavor, there are no absolutes when it comes to success. Your success is my success, so there’s a strong chance that the copy will improve your results.

Will I have time?

Yes. My goal with the PerfectProspect® Intensive is to maximize your time.
You’ll invest about two hours in total and, for that initial time investment, you’ll walk away with a fully-realized copy asset or audit that’s launchable. And if you’re investing in multiple VIP Intensives, the initial time investment will pay for itself multiple times over as you’ll have already done all the “heavy lifting” required during our first engagement.

Who will set up my new copy?
This is a task for your team. If you need a referral, just let me know and I can hook you up with someone with the perfect combination of tech wizardry, practical know-how and a certain joie de vivre to make it happen!
Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! You may opt to pay in full when you sign up for your VIP Intensive or you may choose to make a 50% deposit at the outset. The second 50% would then be due one week before our kickoff call.

Why do I have to apply for a VIP Intensive? Can't I just buy it?
I appreciate you’re ready to rock n roll! But the reason I ask for the application is that I want you to feel confident that I’ll be able to do our best work and make this project a win for you!
Who’s this for?
You’re the perfect fit for a PerfectProspect® Intensive if you have a business that’s making sales online, have a proven offer that’s working or are looking to build a new offer and need some help getting across the finish line. Because I want you to feel confident that I’ll be able to do my best work and make this project a win for you, I have a simple application process that takes about two minutes.
What can I expect from just one VIP intensive?

Great question. You get to decide upfront exactly what you’ll get out of our work together. When I engage in a PerfectProspect® Intensive, I put everything on lockdown so you’re getting my laser-focused attention. The amount of work I can handle in a single intensive will depend on a couple of factors like the amount of data/information you can provide upfront. That said, it’s a safe bet to assume that in a single intensive, I could create copy for a robust email sequence, draft a short-to-medium length sales page, rewrite a few website pages, do an SEO audit or even crank out a few short form blog articles. You pick the deliverable and I’ll make it real.

What does the deliverable look like?

For straight-up copy, you’ll get a Google Doc packed to the brim with all the best words. If we’re talking about an audit, you’ll be getting a combo of spreadsheet, Google Doc and whiteboard. For both, you’ll also get a detailed video breakdown from me explaining literally all of the things.

What happens after?
You’ll have access to me via email or Voxer for two weeks following your VIP intensive – so if you have any questions, I’m easy to reach. And when you’re ready to book your next intensive, you’ll know exactly where to find me. (But not in a creepy way)
Can I book multiple VIP Intensives?
Yep! Quite often, my clients will book 2-3 intensives in a sequence so they can build out bigger projects without bigger price tags. I’d recommend scheduling them either over the course of a month for a tight timeline launch or across 90 days for longer-term projects.
Our time zones are crazy-different. How’s that gonna work?

If you’re not based in North America, we may still work together. The only non-negotiable time on the project calendar is our 90-minute strategy session. I conduct these during business hours, (GMT-5) aka Eastern Time.
If you can make that work, we’re good!

BTW that landing page test rocked — and had a massive lift! One of the highest Discover Financial Services has EVER SEEN 👀

– Faiza Mir, Conversion Rate Optimization expert

You’re ready to jump into a PerfectProspect® Intensive if….

You’ve got an offer that’s selling and you want it to sell BETTER

You’re selling a service or experience online and you’re looking to take things up a notch

Your course, membership or service is going well, but you need some help improving things like your onboarding experience, course completion rates and customer retention

You’re an action-taker who understands the importance of delegation