“When you leave the dressing room… you’re stepping out only as a joyful weirdo. Put the nose on, and leave the crap out.”

—  Adam Lowe


In a world of pandemic and political turmoil, laughter is a valuable medicine.

And Adam Lowe is professionally qualified to dispense that medicine.

By any standard, Adam has a pretty unique skill set — he’s studied fire-eating, stilt-walking, juggling, and sword-swallowing. 

He hit a creatively fulfilling jackpot when he found himself working as a trained therapeutic clown, spreading joyful weirdness to the spaces that need it most, including children’s hospitals and senior assisted living facilities (something he still manages to do these days via Zoom).

How did he stumble upon this bizarre and wonderful career path?

“In college, I realized that I like making people laugh. I sort of came out of my shell a little bit late, so I didn’t do any sort of standard theater,” Adam explains. “I kind of rolled into a lot of the more amateur-hour style theater stuff, your community theaters, and I started working at the Renaissance Faire.”


From there, he branched out into improv classes and began to hone his love of comedy.

While he was never brave enough to do straight stand-up, he explored the more physical aspects of comedy, using juggling and stilts in his act, and learned a lot of his skills through the local community of “professional weirdos.” 

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode of the podcast,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • How Adam found his way into the insular world of therapeutic clowning 
  • The process of perfecting a physical theatrical act — and the most effective style of practice  
  • How a performance can be transformed by the energy of a space


About Adam Lowe

Adam Lowe is a 41-year-old native Georgian with a BA in History. Most of his non-entertainment work has come in the form of retail and service industry management. He is predominantly a variety entertainer, comedian, and clown, currently in search of a new career due to COVID doing away with almost all of the entertainment work. He keeps a small toe in that water by doing virtual visits with clients. He is a trained therapeutic clown and uses platforms like Zoom to continue visiting children’s hospitals, senior assisted living facilities, and other places where joyful weirdness is in short supply.


Highlights:‌ ‌

00:31  Meet Adam Lowe

00:58  “What is your ritual?”

02:31  Letter-writing details

04:11  Learning stagecraft

07:31  Partner work

08:59  Learning through doing

10:53  Therapeutic clowning

12:56  Hospitals v. bars

15:37  First impressions

21:49  Fringe Festival & future



Adam’s IG: @lowequalityentertainment 

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