Copywriter Nicola Moors is known for crafting copy that resonates—a skill she honed while working as a journalist, writing true-life stories based on interviews with normal people talking about extraordinary (and often traumatic) experiences.

Trained to find hooks in storytelling and inject emotion into copy, she looked beyond the answers given to pick up on small nuances, like a clenched fist, teary eyes, or word choices.

Now, many of her rituals lie in the work she does to learn her clients’ stories.

“My ritual is with the research,” Nicola says. “There’s the side of the research where I’m digging in and finding the right messaging for my clients, so that’s really things like review-mining, surveys, customer interviews, customer audits…they’re the four main things that I tend to do with every single project.”


She also has rituals around learning to write in a client’s voice.

“In terms of the ritual with that side of things, it’s going through things like copy they wrote, like emails, social media, listening to their podcasts, listening to YouTube videos where they haven’t been edited, and really just picking up phrases that they use, how do they describe themselves,” Nicola explains. “And alongside that, I also listen to their sales calls and briefing calls. How do they explain themselves? How do they describe their business?”


In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode of the podcast,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • Tips for effectively building trust and rapport when conducting an interview  
  • How to make the research process a little bit easier   
  • The incredible benefits of creating voice guides for your brand 


About Nicola Moors

Nicola writes funnel copy for her client’s launches using research and interviewing techniques learnt during her 6-year career as a journalist. She has extensive experience in the art of storytelling and injecting emotion into copy. Her writing has been featured in publications across the world including Mail Online, The Telegraph, Huffington Post, and

dozens more. 


Highlights:‌ ‌

01:07  About Nicola Moors

03:10  “What is your ritual?”

04:53  Voice guides

06:57  Road to copywriting

08:56  Build rapport

12:31  Fall in love with research

15:04  Active listening

17:10  The payoff 

20:12  Framing

21:26  2 marketing camps




Top interview questions 


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