“We live in a world that tells us that we should build walls around ourselves… storytelling has this amazing capacity to help us break down those walls.”

—  Shannon M. Turner


What’s your story?

Shannon M. Turner has devoted her professional life to helping people answer that question.

Her work involves helping people develop their relationship to storytelling, an art that many people can find intimidating. 

“It’s a crying shame when folks think that they don’t have any good stories to tell, because this is a skill that we all used to have,” Shannon explains. “Before we had Netflix or even TV for that matter, people used to sit around the porch or the campfire and just tell stories… I feel like my work is just often to help people tap into that ancient knowledge.”

In order to help clients connect with their own stories, Shannon has them create life maps.

This simple exercise helps them rethink and reframe profound, transformational, or smaller moments in their lives, and find ways to knit them together into stories.

While this practice can feel a little uncomfortable, part of becoming a better storyteller is learning to become okay with being vulnerable.

It’s an important skill, as vulnerability builds trust in an authentic, genuine way.

In this way, storytelling brings us together and helps us see each other as we really are—unmasked and real.

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode of the podcast,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • How to tell your story honestly while being sensitive to the needs of your audience  
  • The power of storytelling to help people hear each other across lines of difference
  • Why honing your listening skills will help you become a better storyteller

About Shannon M. Turner

Shannon M. Turner is the Founder/Creative Director of StoryMuse, which provides unique strategies for personal, business, organizational, community and content development. She conducts workshops and provides coaching to individuals and organizations seeking to use true, personal stories for transformative potential. 

Highlights:‌ ‌

00:36  Introducing Shannon M. Turner

01:44  “What is your ritual?”

04:02  Discover your story

06:37  Appropriate vulnerability

10:06  Transformative storytelling

12:08  The meanings of “storytelling”

14:41  Resilience & empathy

16:54  Mindset & storytelling

18:02  Deep listening

21:42  Manuel’s Tavern

23:01  Shannon’s Udemy course

25:13  Shannon’s current projects


Shannon’s Links

StoryMuse.net | https://www.facebook.com/storymuse | https://www.instagram.com/story_muse



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