Do you put too much emphasis on doing your rituals the “right” way?

My guest Laura Jean Truman values going with the flow.


“I’d say my number one ritual is probably flexibility and not being precious about my rituals,”  Laura Jean explains. “I’m someone who really craves a schedule but that means that if my rituals gets thrown off… then, if I’m not careful, it can throw my whole day.”


The former chaplain swears by the spiritual practice of listening to the day and allowing rituals to shift according to energy, mood, and needs.


We tend to get caught up in the idea of ritual as the end in itself — instead of, as Laura Jean says, “a means to bring us to wholeness, as a means to bring us to creativity and stability.” 


What if, instead of becoming frustrated by a “failed” ritual, we adapted it to better suit us in the moment?


This type of flexibility is a theme in Laura Jean’s life.


Laura Jean experienced a childhood immersed in Pentecostal theology, which blurs the line between the spiritual and the material. While the oppressiveness of Pentecostalism left Laura Jean with some baggage, it also planted the seed of mysticism. 


Though Laura Jean arrived at college a conservative Christian, falling in love with a girl soon changed that.


Laura Jean soon fell into the exploration of queer theology as well… and had to let go of some very rigid Christian ideas


In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode of the podcast,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌


  • The power of being a challenging voice and standing up against limiting beliefs

  • The beauty of standing aside and creating space for someone else’s story 

  • The endless potential you can tap into when existing in a meditative flow state 


About Laura Jean Truman


Laura Jean Truman is a former chaplain and writer living in Atlanta, GA, writing about queer spirituality and digging into the mystical aspects of Christianity after surviving Christian evangelicalism.


Highlights:‌ ‌


00:44  Introducing Laura Jean Truman


01:09  “What’s your ritual?”


02:16  “Don’t starve to death while you’re reading the menu”

03:40  Mysticism & queer theology

06:45  The liturgy of hospitality

09:34  Flow state

11:19  Creating space for others

11:48  Being a challenging voice

13:39  Your deep self

16:37  The world as chaos

18:08  Exclusionary groups

19:31  Patreon 

22:02  Success v mastery 

25:17  What’s next

27:37  Instagram 

30:43  Creating the sacred 








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Hell, No: Why Grace is Coming For Us All by Laura Jean Truman 

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