“There are witchy, weird, interesting, creative people everywhere in the design field… it’s a space full of a bunch of really crafty, diverse humans.”

—  Lennie Gray Mowris


When you work under the title of Magically Disgruntled Manifestor, you need to expect some questions.


My guest for today’s episode, Lennie Gray Mowris, is not your traditional designer. She uses her powers for good, using impact design strategy and facilitation to create a more inclusive world. Lennie defines Magically Disgruntled Manifestor as being ⅓ intuition, ⅓ empathy, and ⅓ design. Manifesting is an act of creativity — turning ideas into reality so that you can share them with other people.


Many of Lennie’s rituals are strongly based on self-care, including yoga, tea, camping, and eating a plant-based diet, but they also include community care and spending quality time with loved ones.


That’s not surprising, considering how community-oriented Lennie’s work is.


Lennie is part of a niche group of people who do what she does — helping individuals and organizations reframe their perspectives, update their policies and language systems, and reinvent their practices in ways that are less problematic, more culturally sensitive, and more inclusive.


As an impact facilitator, Lennie is the person that leads that conversation. It’s a role that is part public speaker, part communications specialist, part strategist, and part artist — that’s a whole lot of creativity in one package.


Impact facilitators can offer vital support on a variety of projects, from bringing community gardens into reality to assisting in the design of prisoner rehabilitation programs, 

With Lennie launching a brand new program that incorporates all of her previous work into one package, she’ll definitely be relying on her rituals to keep herself revitalized!


In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode of RITUAL,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • How manifesting a more inclusive reality is an ultimate act of creativity
  • Four elements that must be addressed when creating solutions that don’t cause more harm in the world
  • How impact design strategy and facilitation can be used to improve brand culture 


About Lennie Gray Mowris

Lennie Gray Mowris is not your traditional designer. She didn’t go to a classic design school, but instead learned the trade from traditional design craft, the letterpress. She didn’t follow the normal career path but instead designed their career grounded in a wealth of life experience.


Highlights:‌ ‌

00:29  Introducing Lennie Gray Mowris

02:37  “What is your ritual?”

03:49  What is a Magically Disgruntled Manifestor?

08:40  Symbols & patterns

10:40  Social impact facilitators

15:31  Shifting focus

18:21  The vital need for Lennie’s work

21:21  The education gap

23:10  Creating something new

25:33  Who is the program for?



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