“All my life, I’d stumbled to find a routine that worked.”

—  Daniel Lamb


Have you ever looked at a writer, designer, or musician and wondered, “What’s their secret?”

The truth is that every creative will have a different answer to that question. The RITUAL podcast is dedicated to diving deep into the minds of modern creatives in order to discover the fascinating ways that they bring forth their magic.

And once you learn their secret, it’s time to explore the follow-up question: “Will it work for me?”

RITUAL is for ambitious creators and curious dreamers who are seeking to attain a better understanding of the creative process (and aren’t afraid to get a little weird). 

Each week, RITUAL will delve into what it is to be a creative human in today’s complex world. Host Daniel Lamb will explore the processes, routines and, of course, rituals used by his guests to kickstart, amplify, and harness their own creativity. 

The show focuses on people, processes, and lived experience, creating a safe place to discuss what creativity looks like across a wide array of human dispositions and creative disciplines. Daniel will be talking to the makers, dreamer, doers, and creators who lend our world texture and nuance.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn about Daniel’s own rituals and routines and get a sneak peek of three upcoming episodes featuring some of today’s best and brightest creative minds.

We’ll hear from Magically Disgruntled Manifestor, Lennie Gray Mowris; Branding Expert Gabby Woltz; and award-winning professor Dr. Charlie Parrot.

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“Every creative is unique. Every human being is unique. We all have a unique process and a unique way of approaching living creatively.”

—  Daniel Lamb


Highlights:‌ ‌

00:44  Birthing creativity from limitation

01:46  My #1 question

03:17  Own your weird

04:50  Sneak preview of episode #1

05:35  Sneak preview of episode #3

06:26  Sneak preview of episode #2



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 Dr. Charles Parrott


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