The Copywriter’s Bibliography

I like to keep a swipe file of my favorite resources on marketing and copywriting. Here’s my working list. Have a fave that’s not here? Let me know! I’m always looking to aggregate more resources for writers.

Copywriting & Advertising Books

Bly. The Copywriter’s Handbook
Caples. Tested Advertising Methods
Carnegie. How to Win Friends and Influence People
Fisher. The Art of the Click
Hopkins. Scientific Advertising
Kennedy. The Ultimate Sales Letter
Ogilvy. Ogilvy on Advertising
Sugarman. The Adweek Copywriting Handbook
Schwartz. Breakthrough Advertising

Persuasion & Negotiation Books

Cialdini. Influence
Cialdini. Presuasion
David. Magic Words
Green. 48 Laws of Power
Kahneman. Thinking: Fast and Slow
Voss. Never Split the Difference

Development & Productivity Books

Newport. Deep Work
Newport. Digital Minimalism
Clear. Atomic Habits
Covey. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Ballantyne. The Perfect Day Formula
Ballantyne. The Perfect Week Formula
Michalowicz. Profit First
Young. Ultralearning

Client Partnership & Consulting Books

Green. The Trusted Advisor
Belsky. The Great Client Partner
Raisel. The McKinsey Way

Sales Books

Blount. Fanatical Prospecting
Qualman. How to Sell on LinkedIn

Courses, Training & Masterminds

Ballantyne. The Ballantyne Method
Copyhackers. Copy School
Gandia. Business Coaching for Writers
Goff. Zebra Emails
Hug & Marsh. The Copywriter Underground
Klettke. Fishing with Dynamite
Laja. Foundations of CRO
Marcoux. Sales Training
Moz. Free SEO Courses
Perry. Mindsetters

Free Resources for Writers & Copywriters

The Gary Halbert Letter
Facebook Group: The Copywriter Club
Facebook Group: Word Workers

Email Lists from Great Copywriters

Justin Goff
Stefan Georgi
Kim Krause Schwalm
Laura Belgray
Tarzan Kay
Justin Blackman
Joel Klettke
Chris Orzechowski
Laura Lopuch
Ian Stanley


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