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Get Great Copy to Convert Your Audience into Paying Customers

Direct Response Copywriting

Good content isn’t good enough. Go from good to great and close more new business. That means targeted, persuasive copy for your landing pages, sales letters and email funnels.

Audience Persona Development

Do you know your best customer and how to write to them? Let’s dive into what it takes to build the ideal audience persona to better tailor your message.

Website Copy

If you want to add value to readers and convert them into customers, your website copy has to be clear, concise and direct.

Don’t let the word “creative” fool you.

Chances are, you don’t need art or whimsy in your marketing– unless that helps helps you improve your bottom line.

Stellar results come from a combination of:

Focused Research

Understanding your audience is the first key to getting great results from your messaging on any platform. Speaking directly to their pains, motivations and desires makes your audience the hero of the story – a story they can see themselves in – with your help.

Supportive Planning & Strategy

It does take a lot of work to win. Starting smart, working intelligently and finishing strong – these are keys to devloping the right strategy for your editorial calendars, funnel paths and a roadmap for how to improve on what’s working well.

Deep Work

By deep work, I mean it simply isn’t enough to crank out a few pages of copy and hope for the best. Deep work means really digging in to the data – something that most people only give lip service to. The goal is insight that can be mined into profitable copy.

Skillful Execution

Getting stuff done. It’s part of the deal. Good project management, meeting deadlines, having a handle on the techy side of things – I’ve got you covered here.

Convert your traffic into real, live customers and return visitors through great copy & content.

I like Daniel’s style and thoroughness. His attention to detail has been extremely helpful to us so that we can focus on our business – not on marketing tasks that we are not experts in. Also, he is humble and open to discussion when we want to see changes, and he is happy to work with us.

Karla Baldini, Partner, Fortress Consulting

Being able to communicate effectively is the most important of all life skills, professionally or personally. By creating professional email prospecting templates, Daniel saved me hours of time trying to find the right words. Poorly written email results in a poor first impression with a potential new client, and I didn't want to fail. My professional image is impacted by my writing skills and Daniel helped me tremendously in gaining confidence knowing that my emails are being handled by a professional like him.

I’m Daniel Lamb aka Holland Creative, a direct response copywriter helping business owners, corporate executives & marketing directors create meaningful digital experiences through copy & marketing materials – all focused on one goal – increasing conversions and winning new business.

Copy That!