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Your Digital Media Creative- On Demand

Your Digital Media Creative- On Demand

The smartest way for digital media agencies to produce high-value content & conversion copy.

For media agencies, creative often comes as an afterthought and easily becomes the bottleneck – limiting productivity.

Daniel Lamb of Holland Creative here.

As a full-time copywriter for a digital media agency, I’ve been there. 

I’ve learned the language of how people talk about channels, the ways of turning data into stories – and the hundreds of acronyms we take for granted.

What Clients Are Saying

I like Daniel’s style and thoroughness. His attention to detail has been extremely helpful to us so that we can focus on our business – not on marketing tasks that we are not experts in. Also, he is humble and open to discussion when we want to see changes, and he is happy to work with us.

Karla Baldini, Partner, Fortress Consulting

Being able to communicate effectively is the most important of all life skills, professionally or personally. By creating professional content for my business, Daniel saved me hours of time trying to find the right words. Poorly written copy results in a poor first impression with a potential new client, and I didn't want to fail. My professional image is impacted by my writing skills, and Daniel helped me tremendously in gaining confidence– knowing that my website copy and emails are being handled by a professional like him.

I first met Daniel after taking a General Assembly course on writing for SEO for copywriting. He did a fantastic job of explaining the fundamentals of SEO and was kind of enough to connect with me after class. Working as digital marketing manager, I decided to partner with Daniel to assist us – and he was sure to deliver engaging and well-written content. 

Tinisha Gold, Marketer & UX Designer

Why Us?

Creating great content is an absolute must for digital media agencies, but owners and VPs don’t have the time to write content AND run a business. I offer ghostwritten content and conversion copy – bespoke to your voice and needs as a business so you & your team can focus on what you do best.

Leave the Creative Stuff to the Creatives

Content written by media buyers and project managers often reads like IKEA instructions. 

That’s why having a media-savvy copywriter like me is a serious value-add.



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